The Balwadi Project is a public private partnership project in collaboration with the Education School Board, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). It is aimed at strengthening all 501 balwadis spread over 261 primary schools located within the Municipal Corporation in Pune, Maharashtra.

The overall aim of this project is to create a child friendly and conducive environment for preschool children for better learning outcomes that will help them in pursuing primary education.

The project focuses on:

Increasing enrollment of potential pre-school children in catchment area under the Balwadi program

Training Balwadi teachers in Pre-school education course curriculum

Screening of pre-school children enrolled in Balwadi for any health problem and timely referral of high risk cases to tertiary care health facilities

Providing financial support for advance treatment of children belonging to economically weaker families

Forming parents group and associate these groups PMC level within a year

Providing support in improving the infrastructure of Balwadis

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